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How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels take advantage of the Earth’s most abundant and main energy source, the sun, turning its rays into plentiful, clean and renewable electricity. Over the past 40 years, the efficiency of solar panels has increased dramatically, while the cost has plummeted, but the basics of how solar panels work has not changed.

The sun’s light, or solar radiation, is the fuel that provides energy in the form of photons. These photons reach Earth, providing enough energy every hour to meet the world’s energy needs for an entire year! This means that wherever the sun shines, electrical power is available.

how solar panels workEach solar panel contains many individual solar cells. Solar cells are made of silicon, the second-most-abundant element on Earth next to oxygen. Each of these solar cells contains a top layer which is electrically positive and bottom layer which is electrically negative. This creates an electric field similar to that of batteries. When photons strike the cells, this frees electrons in the silicon from their orbits. These electrons are pulled by a directional current in the solar cells and are collected by metal electrical contacts in the surface of the cells. They subsequently exit through a connecting wire and are sent to a junction box at the back of each panel. Several cells are strung like this to form a panel. Several panels are strung together to form an array of any size depending on the application or the room available.

Solar panels work best if they face the sun directly. For maximum solar exposure throughout the year, they’re mounted at an angle facing the southern sky (in the Northern hemisphere).

Dynamic Solar Tech specializes in finding solutions for maximum solar generation, wherever the sun shines.

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Here’s a basic diagram of how your solar system connects to the grid when participating in the MicroFiT.

Single Line Diagram with Microinverter


Pollution avoided:

For every 10kW PV installation, 11 tonnes of CO2 is avoided. This is equivalent to :
  • – 9 acres of carbon absorbing forest;
  • – 2.2 cars or light trucks taken off the road;
  • – 4,310 litres of gasoline not consumed;
  • – 22 barrels of crude oil not consumed;
  • – 10.6 people reducing their energy consumption by 20%.

This is a diagram of a net-metered installation. Any building that does not qualify for the MicroFiT program can participate in net-metering as long as there’s capacity with your LDC. Every kilowatt hour that’s not used by the building is fed into the grid and is “owed” to the building. Return on investment depends on future electricity costs.


This is a diagram of a typical off-grid system. When there’s no hydro lines to a building, an off-grid system is the best choice.











Diagrams of solar connections drawn by Dynamic Solar Tech Inc.. Only the images of solar panel installations and microinverter belong to Dynamic Solar Tech Inc.

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