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Rapid growth in the solar photovoltaic industry on a global scale is firmly entrenched. Thanks to Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff, the province is positioning itself as a North American leader in solar power, and offers excellent opportunities for investing in the industry. The outlook for growth of the industry both in the province and worldwide is very bright.

Consider the following facts:



  • solar power has grown an average of 68 percent annually over the last five years with growth accelerating each year (even during the recession)[1] up to 122 percent in 2010[2]
  • solar has grown 40% over 2010[3] and is expected to continue its rapid growth trend for decades[4]
  • China’s leading energy planning authority NDRC, recently increased solar targets for 2020 by 150 percent from 20GW to 50GW[5]
  • India, a country with virtually no solar power today, plans to generate 20GW of solar power by 2020[6]
  • the European Union is on pace to exceed its target of meeting 20% of its energy needs from renewable sources by the year 2020[7]
  • according to the U.N. panel on climate change, 77% of the world’s energy supply could be met by renewable energy by 2050, with solar power contributing more than wind[8]
  • worldwide energy consumption is projected to increase by 36 percent by 2035[9]
  • increasingly expensive conventional energy sources are making renewable energy sources more cost competitive[10]
  • the growing threat of climate change is prompting governments to explore low carbon emitting energy sources such as solar[11]
  • growing opposition to nuclear power is putting pressure on governments to favour alternatives including and especially solar[12]
  • the cost of solar power is expected to decline 50% in the coming decade acheiving grid-parity and enabling it to compete without subsidies against a heavily-subsidized coal and oil industry[13]
  • According to the Canadian Solar Industry Association, by 2015, the solar industry is expected to support more than 35,000 jobs in the economy and displace 15 to 31 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, providing a safer, cleaner environment for generations to come.




  • electricity consumption in Ontario is expected to grow at a rate of 0.9% annually until 2025[14]
  • Ontario is expected to reach 2,650 MW of solar PV capacity by 2015, up from only 215 MW in 2010[15], representing growth of more than 1200%, and the government has set a target of reaching 100,000 solar roofs[16]
  • solar power could supply 69 percent of America’s electricity by 2050 and 35 percent of its total energy by 2050[17]
  • Dynamic Solar Tech is well positioned to emerge as a North American leader in the solar industry, thanks to its culture of innovation and skilled management and employees who are passionate and driven to succeed. With growth accelerating on an annual basis, positive cash flow, no debt and a clean balance sheet, Dynamic Solar Tech represents a safe way to participate in the tremendous growth of the solar industry that is forecast. Dynamic Solar Tech has plans for North American expansion, and welcomes investors from around the world who are interested in capitalizing on this exciting opportunity.

The following investment opportunities are available:

  • Commercial Rooftop/Property Leasing
  • Large Solar Panel Systems
  • Commercial Solar Rooftop Systems
  • Solar Rooftop Aggregation
  • Manage Investment Funds
  • Solar Farms

In addition to investing directly in solar power systems, investors have the opportunity to invest in the growth of solar power indirectly, by investing in Dynamic Solar Tech Inc. All interested parties may contact us at invest@dynamicsolartech.com or call 1-800-552-5042.



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