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Guided tour of the Planet Traveler integrated solar PV rooftop patio awning for Green Energy Doors Open


Green Energy Doors Open 2013 is the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association’s annual, single-day showcase of the province-wide green energy economy. An opportunity to provide free-of-charge access to individual, community, public and commercial sustainable energy projects, businesses, manufacturing sites, education programs and other related initiatives.

When: Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 1-3:30

Where: Planet Traveller, 357 College St.

What: …

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Small Net-metered Installations Offer Compelling Returns

Even though the MicroFiT has restarted in Ontario it’s not all good news for solar enthusiasts. The lower incentive rate for roof-top solar makes it harder to justify smaller solar installations since many fixed costs remain. A net-metered installation of 1 kilowatt (kW), however, is not subject to the same costs and delays associated with a …

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The Truth About Renewable Subsidies

We already posted this on our Facebook page but we wanted to make sure it was available here as well.

The article The Truth About Renewable Subsidies by The Motley Fool is very relevant to the subsidy argument for renewables.

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UK Energy Secretary Huhne Blasts ‘Unholy Alliance’

The article UK Energy Secretary Huhne Blasts ‘Unholy Alliance’ is relevant to critics all over the world. As in Ontario, “…claims that ‘green polices’ are the reason for high energy bills are simply wrong; bills have been driven up by rises in the gas …

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Huge Mistake to Cancel Ambitious Green Energy Act

One of the hottest issues in this week’s Ontario election is the Green Energy Act. Indeed, many are referring to the provincial election as a referendum on renewable energy. The Green Energy Act, modeled after similar legislation in Germany and passed in 2009, was created by the McGuinty government. Hudak has vowed to cancel it …

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Solar in Ontario may be a casualty of the upcoming election

Incentives for Ontario’s solar industry may be canceled just as it has begun to create much needed jobs for the province.
With the Ontario election just a few weeks away, the debate over Ontario’s green energy policy is heating up and the province’s nascent solar industry hangs in the balance just as it is starting to hit …

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Impact of renewables on higher power costs minimal, report says

A story released by The Globe and Mail in July is becoming increasingly relevant as the provincial election approaches.

Critics of the Ontario government’s green energy policies have argued that paying high prices for renewable power will push up consumers’ electricity costs sharply. Subsidies to wind, solar and biomass plants will ratchet up prices, making electricity …

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Solar Panels Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

A study conducted by the University of California at San Diego has validated what Dynamic Solar Tech has known for years: that solar panels reduce air-conditioning costs. While Dynamic Solar Tech was already aware of this lesser known benefit of solar panels, the news that it has been confirmed and quantified is an important step …

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Live Green Toronto Show

Drop by to see us at the Live Green Toronto Festival on July 16th at Yonge-Dundas Square.
Be sure to bring your Live Green Toronto Membership card and get special deals at our booth.
We are offering a free site-visit and up to $1,500 off a residential solar system or 5% off a solar system for your …

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Stoneworth Solar Panel Installation Completed

HAMILTON, Ontario, March 15, 2011 — Dynamic Solar Tech is pleased to announce that it has completed a 9.88 kw grid-tie solar panel installation at Stoneworth Housing Co-operative. Thanks to thorough co-ordination and great communication with the helpful staff at Horizon Utilities, the system was instantly connected to the grid on the last day of …

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