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Solar Attic Fans

Lifetime warranty!! Cool your home for life with an Attic Breeze solar fan.

The best attic fan on the market and the best, most affordable alternative to air conditioning!


Residential attic fan

Give Your Attic What It Needs

Attic ventilation has a direct effect on the amount of heat that is transferred into your home.  As a general rule, the lower the attic temperature, the less heat gain into your home’s living area. Unfortunately, common passive attic ventilation methods are not very effective at reducing attic temperature, typically producing only 1-2 attic air changes per hour.  The solution is finding a better method of ventilation.  Attic Breeze solar attic fans with UltraFl?® technology are your answer, producing 10-15 attic air changes per hour when properly sized for your application. The result is better cooling of your attic and less heat transfer into your home. Best of all, Attic Breeze solar attic fans operate completely cost free, using only the power of the sun. Reduce your air-conditioning costs.

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Residential attic fan with mounting bracketThe Attic Breeze can include an adjustable bracket for the solar panel to ensure the optimal tilt for the seasonal performance you require.


Graph showing benefits of attic ventilation


Remote control for your attic fan.

For perfect control of your home temperatures, consider a remote control for your attic fan

With the proper design, Attic Breeze can achieve the target air changes per hour for your home or building.

Sun path illustration





The only residential attic fan with a LIFETIME WARRANTY

Award winning products

No plastic                                                        

24 GA zincalume vent housings     

For perfect control of attic temperatures and humidity levels, consider a remote control or programmable thermostat for your attic fan

Proprietary 14″ 5-Wing Aluminum Blade with Integrated Balanced Hub

Stainless Steel Brackets & Fasteners

3rd party tested withstanding wind speeds of over 170 mph

Whisper quiet UltraFlow™ technology, 1 sones (slightly less than 30 decibels)

High quality monocrystalline solar cells… these types of solar cells have a higher temperature profile, in turn, making it more efficient and lasting longer than the polycrystalline/multi-crystalline/amorphous solar cells

Industrial grade impact resistant solar panels made with tempered glass

Thermal switches included standard on all products at no additional charge

Self-flashing, curb-mount, wall and gable models

More mounting options than any to ensure that the solar panel properly faces the southern sky

Powder coated in black/brown/gray/white/terra cotta

Roof curb installation kits for all curb-mount models

Free advice on installations or installation services available location-permitting

Made in the USA

Florida Product Approval # FL 13339

Texas Windstorm Certified # RV-59

Approved for use in Canada

Manufacturing facilities are powered by 100% solar power

Contact us today with the form on the right to find the Attic Breeze product that’s right for you. >>>

Another dynamic solar solution from Dynamic Solar Tech!!

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