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Solar Bar

PV Cladding

Dynamic Solar Tech has designed the Solar Bar. This is an elegant piece of furniture designed to give you power where you need it. Thanks to the modular nature of solar PV panels, the Solar Bar can be designed to suit your needs.

PV Cladding

Other features:

  • Custom-sized for your area
  • Custom-sized for your power requirements
  • Custom stain or paint
  • Custom eaves trough (any size) for rain water capture
  • PV panel has four adjustable pitches to adjust for the seasons



PV Cladding

Dynamic Solar Tech designed and built the prototype for the Solar Bar and donated it to Ecosource for use as a solar education demonstration unit. Ecosource is an Ontario-based environmental education non-profit serving youth, adults, and families. You can visit their website here. The solar PV panel, inverter and wiring was donated by Dynamic Solar Tech. The wood was paid for by Ecosource, and the PRO-24M, 81Ah battery was kindly donated by Interstate All Battery Center in Mississauga. Thanks also to Home Energy Solutions.


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