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Solar Panels Reduce Air Conditioning Costs


A study conducted by the University of California at San Diego has validated what Dynamic Solar Tech has known for years: that solar panels reduce air-conditioning costs. While Dynamic Solar Tech was already aware of this lesser known benefit of solar panels, the news that it has been confirmed and quantified is an important step forward for the solar power industry.

This finding will help to make solar power even more appealing, by improving its return on investment. Since air conditioning represents approximately 16% of residential electricity use in America, cost savings from installing solar panels could be significant.

The study found that the savings in air-conditioning expenses from installing solar panels could amount to a discount of up to 5% on the solar panel over its lifespan and that a building’s ceiling was 5 degrees Fahrenheit cooler when covered in solar panels than when exposed during the day. The panels also helped to hold heat in at night, reducing energy costs in winter.

Dynamic Solar Tech will make all potential clients aware of this important additional benefit of solar panels.

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