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Building Integrated Solar (BIPV)


Building-integrated photovoltaic

Building-integrated and building-applied photovoltaic solutions (BIPV and BAPV)

Solar technology is advancing rapidly and Dynamic Solar Tech is at the forefront. With our creative design team and today’s technologies you have choices beyond standard solar panel installations. Take a look at some of the possibilities below and scroll down below for more detailed information about BIPV and BAPV. Please note that many of these are premium products.

PV Cladding

Dynamic Solar Tech offers a variety of building-integrated solutions:

  • solar cladding/curtain walls
  • solar windows/skylights
  • solar shingles
  • solar awnings/gazebos
  • solar carports
  • thin filmsolar laminates
  • custom colored cells and glass


see below for descriptions


PV Cladding

PV Cladding


PV Cladding

PV CladdingThe images on this page are a few examples of BIPV and BAPV technologies. With the exception of the Planet Traveler solar awning in Toronto and the Solar Bar, DST does not claim credit for any of the designs or installations. Our multi-disciplinary team, resources, and adherence to values of due-diligence, precision and best-practices allow us to offer these solutions with confidence.





Here are some descriptions of common installations:

Solar Cladding

PV Cladding

Many options exist for covering your building with PV cladding, from glass on glass PV cells with custom spacing to semi opaque PV glass to coloured cells or a beautiful stained glass/PV work of art. Pricing can be similar to higher-end cladding yet electricity generation means that a return on investment is achieved, building owners and occupants can take pride in the building, and visitors are duly impressed.




Solar Windows/Skylights

For a beautiful architectural statement, consider solar windows or skylights. These are high-efficiency cells laminated between two panes of glass. Architectural solar windows and skylights are custom-made to the specifications of the design. The spacing between the cells can be customised to allow more or less light between them and through to the room. Coloured cells are also available to match perfectly with your house. They can be used as vertical windows, skylights, or awnings. These windows are assembled here so are available for the MicroFIT.


Solar Shingles

Dynamic Solar Tech is a proud provider of Luma Resources‘ innovative solar shingles. These shingles offer a truly groundbreaking solar solution opening up new possibilities for those interested in building integrated solar. Rather than using laminates like solar shingles in the US market, Luma shingles use more efficient solar cells strung together on a rigid panel-like substrate. Each “panel” has built-in mounting feet that secure easily right to the roof. They overlap each other to create a shingle effect to protect your roof while staying flat against the roof for a very low profile. They blend in so well, it’s hard to tell they’re there.

Luma shingles carry identical warranties to standard modules: 25 years on power output and five years on workmanship.


DOW Zero-profile Solar Shingles


Dow Solar Shingles offer the most integrated look. They replace traditional shingles and provide better roof protection with excellent energy generation.





Solar Awnings

BIPVDynamic Solar Tech has designed and installed a 400 square foot, sealed solar awning that overhangs a rooftop bar and patio in downtown Toronto. With industrial-grade window sealant between the seams, the awning is expected to stay impenetrable to the elements for 20 or more years. Our design team is eager to come up with a custom-made solar awning design that’s right for your patio, yard, to cover your vehicle or any other ideas you may have.



Solar Carports

Dynamic Solar Tech is proud to offer solar carports of any size for your home or business. What better way to protect vehicles from the elements and harsh UV rays than to capture these rays and generate electricity and revenue from them? Solar carports can also help preserve the ground underneath, especially when an optional water-drainage system is included. Consider a solar carport for your employee or customer parking lots. A highly visible indication that you care about the environment and their cars. The shade that they provide is especially welcome in the hot summer days when the powerful rays make vehicles particularly uncomfortable. Similarly, the protection they provide in the winter from snowy days is also welcome, customers will appreciate not having to clear snow from their vehicles.


Thin-film Solar Laminates

Solar laminates stick to many surfaces and are easy to install. They’re typically installed on metal roofs where they have a built-in look. They can also be used on siding for extra integration. Solar laminates are flexible so curved designs are also possible.





BIPV solutions use photovoltaic products in place of construction material. In many cases your building cladding can be replaced or built with PV material.  Pricing is competitive in new buildings where some installation, transportation and materials costs can be folded into existing facade and glazing building products and construction costs. While costs can be similar to many building cladding options BIPV solutions will generate power for your building providing all the benefits of standard cladding but also a return on investment and a real showpiece.

Where integration proves difficult, BAPV may be the answer. These differ from BIPV in that BIPV substitutes building materials where BAPV is added onto, on top of, or above existing building materials. Some examples include thin-film laminates layered on metal roofs, or panels installed as a curtain wall or on top of building cladding, perhaps as a rain-screen for example. Of course, substitution of building materials in the case of BIPV creates significant economic advantage over BAPV.

Additionally, substituting standard cladding with a BIPV solution helps offset the manufacturing carbon footprint – not possible with standard cladding products.

For those who want a more aesthetic solar installation, building-integrated or building-applied solutions are the answer. Consider these ideas when you talk to your architect or designer and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange a meeting with them to discuss including these ideas in your designs.

Some of these solutions contribute to LEED certification. The amount of points is dependent on the application and additional benefits of the product i.e. thermal insulative qualities, locally sourced products, etc.

Dynamic Solar Tech attempts to offer most quality solutions available in the global marketplace. Part of our due diligence in having the confidence to offer some of these products is our eagerness to train as installers of these products, our desire to learn about new products, and our commitment to offer our clients cutting-edge technologies that are constantly being released in this dynamic industry. Check back often for updates to this page.


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