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Government Solar Installations

While it was the Ontario government that spurred the birth of the solar industry in this province in the first place, the government also has an important role to play in leading the way and setting a positive example by adopting solar. There are many government buildings and properties in Ontario that are ideal for generating solar power. Since many of these institutions are large, economies of scale can be achieved, reducing the overall cost of solar installations.

As part of Ontario’s goal to achieve 100,000 solar rooftops all levels of government agencies can participate in the development of Ontario’s renewable energy supply. Dynamic Solar Tech is able to work with any government organizations to find the most cost effective and efficient solar solutions for any solar project, from small MicroFIT installations, to large solar farms.

Dynamic Solar Tech is on a list of renewable energy technology vendors that are eligible to provide renewable energy products and services to school boards and social housing managers pursuant to an Ontario government funding initiative.

We have installed several solar PV installations on government-funded social housing co-ops. These communities are proud to have solar on their roofs and we are thrilled to have been chosen as the designers and installers.


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