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Maintenance and Cleaning

Dynamic Solar Tech offers maintenance and cleaning services for your photovoltaic system.

While a solar PV system is durable, reliable and consistent, regular maintenance can can extend the life and efficiency of a PV system considerably. We can tailor a maintenance program to suit each system and client. Often, problems consist of an accumulation of leaves, dirt or snow. Even a small amount of dust can significantly affect the energy production and life of a panel or system. As servicing the panels on your roof can be dangerous, DST can take care of this for you to protect your investment and ensure consistent production for a maximum ROI.

As an option, we can monitor your system through your system’s on-line monitoring service. When a disruption occurs, an alarm will send an alert warning of a problem. We will dispatch a serviceman to verify and correct the issue.

As part of any maintenance and cleaning plan we include 1 or more site visits to visually inspect and clean your system. As part of this inspection we will perform any maintenance required including:

  • verify and remove any accumulation of debris
  • ensure mounting system is secure and tie-downs are tight
  • ensure modules are secure according to correct torque specifications, cabling fastened tight, wiring secure
  • record any issues including consistent problems
  • cross-reference data accumulated during inspection with monitoring data

We want to ensure a no-worry installation and lifetime with your solar PV system.


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