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Stoneworth Solar Panel Installation Completed


HAMILTON, Ontario, March 15, 2011 — Dynamic Solar Tech is pleased to announce that it has completed a 9.88 kw grid-tie solar panel installation at Stoneworth Housing Co-operative. Thanks to thorough co-ordination and great communication with the helpful staff at Horizon Utilities, the system was instantly connected to the grid on the last day of installation, immediately providing a steady stream of income for the social housing community through Ontario’s Micro Feed-in Tariff program.

Solar MicroFIT in Hamilton, Ontario

Local news provider, The Spec, refers to the installation and other energy efficiency measures the co-op has implemented as “brilliant, constructive, forward-thinking and progressive”. Management at Stoneworth is very pleased with the work that Dynamic Solar Tech has done, since the installation delivered everything that was promised, and on schedule. As part of its service, Dynamic Solar Tech is providing up-to-the-minute real-time monitoring of the solar installation.

Dynamic Solar Tech is finalizing agreements for several more solar installations over the coming months.

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